I am a student of light. I am fascinated by the subtleties of light and the intricacies of shadow and while I explore the many facets of photography and subject matter, I always return to still life and fine art. Requiring a refined sense of lighting and composition, a still life image is created rather than relying on the discovery of a ready-made, found image. I have a keen appreciation for the work of the old masters and I find inspiration from the many fine photographers of today but there is true joy in building an image from the ground up and making it totally your own.

I strive to convey a sense of feeling in my images. Not a purest, the photo is often just the beginning; the canvas for further creativity. I will often use digital enhancements in an attempt to transport the viewer to another time, place, or emotion.

Growing up in an average middle-class working family, I had no exposure to art of any kind. I acquired a camera in my early teens and while the photos I took with it were far from anything that could be called "art", I was thrilled and captivated by the images and the camera's ability to essentially stop time. Lacking the funds for film and processing, photography fell by the wayside and was forgotten. With the advent of digital photography, my passion was renewed.